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What is an electrical installation?
The regulations published under notice R2920 in the Government Gazette 23rd October, 1992 say that an electrical installation is where any machinery is used for the transmission of electricity from a point of control to a point of consumption on any premises. Vehicle, telecommunication, and certain other equipment including that of the supply authority is excluded from the definition.
Who is responsible for the safety, safe use and maintenance of an installation?
These same regulations state clearly that the USER or LESSOR is responsible for the installation.
How can a layman know if the installation is safe?
By ensuring that the installation is covered by a valid certificate of compliance. The law requires that the USER must possess a valid certificate of compliance for the installation being used.
Where can a certificate of compliance be obtained?

A certificate can be obtained from an ACCREDITED PERSON, who has been registered by the Chief Inspector of the Department of Manpower in terms of the regulations.

What must the accredited person do before issuing a certificate of compliance?
The law requires that a visual inspection covering no less than 12 aspects of the installation must be carried out as well as a series of 14 electrical tests.
What electrical tests must be carried out?
The tests required are:

  1. Continuity of all bonding conductors.
  2. Resistance of earth continuity conductor.
  3. Continuity of ring circuits (if applicable).
  4. Earth loop impedance test: main switch.
  5. Elevated voltage of neutral.
  6. Earth electrode resistance (if required)
  7. Insulation resistance.
  8. Voltage (Main DB) no load.
  9. Voltage (Main DB) on load.
  10. Voltage at available load (worst condition)
  11. Operation of earth leakage units
  12. Operation of earth leakage test button
  13. Polarity of points of consumption.
  14. All switching devices, make and break circuits.
What instrument can be used to test continuity of all bonding conductors?
Any insulation tester similar to:

  1. Toptronic T1800
  2. Toptronic T1851

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