Why a property requires a Compliance Certificate in Cape Town

Why a property requires a Compliance Certificate in Cape Town

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Why a property requires a Compliance Certificate in Cape Town

Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a document that verifies that the electrical, water, gas and electric fence installations all  comply with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety. A property requires a Compliance Certificate to demonstrate that it has passed all legal health and safety requirements. Without it you cannot effect a change of ownership and more importantly who is to say that your property is safe and not a health hazard.

The Electrical Certificate of Compliance covers the main distribution board, any sub-distribution boards, socket outlets and light switches, wiring, isolators, earthing and bonding. In terms of Regulation 7(5) of the Electrical Installation Regulations (OHS ACT of 1993), a change of ownership cannot take place unless there is a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance. For the purpose of transfer of ownership, an Electrical Certificate of Compliance older than 2 years may not be used. If any electrical work was done after the certificate was issued, a new Electrical Certificate of Compliance will be required.

A new Water Certificate of Compliance covers the Hot Water Cylinder, the water pipes, the water meter, the private isolating valve , leaks, storm water discharge and cross connections between the potable supply and any alternate supply. It needs to be issued each time a property is transferred. The City of Cape Town Water by-law 2010 – section 14(1), stipulates that before a property can be transferred, a Certificate of Compliance for the water installation needs to be issued. This came into effect on the 1 March 2011. It is a local by-law and only applies to properties sold where the City of Cape Town is the municipal authority.

There is no law that obligates a seller to provide a Beetle Free Certificate. However, it is still frequently included in property selling arrangements in the coastal provinces to protect the property purchaser from buying a property that is infested with beetles. Banks are also known to request a Beetle Certificate of Compliance in Cape Town before registration of a mortgage bond can occur – this is to protect the bond holder’s security being at risk if the property is infested with beetles.

The Gas Certificate of Compliance certifies that there are no gas leaks, the emergency shut off valves have been properly and that the gas piping, regulator and valves and gas appliance are in a safe working condition and not corroded. For gas cylinder/s installed on the exterior of a property, there are several regulations that need to be adhered to get a Gas certificate of Compliance. For a gas cylinder installed in the interior of a property (usually inside a cupboard) regulations also need to be followed. In terms of Regulation 17(3) of the Pressure Equipment Regulations (OHS ACT of 1993), a Gas Certificate of Compliance must be issued when there is a change of ownership. This came into effect on the 1st October 2009.

An Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance is required when selling a property. The regulations that govern electric fence installations are found in SANS 10222-3. These regulations are separate to those that govern the electrical wiring of premises (SANS 10142-2). Only a person accredited by the Department of Labour as an electrical fence installer may issue a C.O.C for an electric fence installation. You can prepare for this by ensuring that there is no plant growth interfering with the electrical fence. If an energiser is located outdoors it should be properly weatherproofed. The energiser will often not operate efficiently due to customary occurrences e.g. insects may pass through the board which will result in short circuits.

At Thomas Compliant we are passionate about service delivery. Our team will guide you through the inspection process and make sure you have everything you require to get your certification completed and issued. You can request an inspection or prices online. For more information on why a property requires a Compliance Certificate in Cape Town here is our contact.


Small to Medium Business Owners who use Technology have an edge

Small to Medium Business Owners who use Technology have an edge

Small to Medium Business Owners who use Technology have an edge

Over the years it has become apparent that small to medium business owners who use technology have an edge. Thomas Electrical started using

small business tech ideas over the past few years, in an endeavour to follow a path to improved efficiency and versatility in their service offering to their clients. Using technology may have presented them with short-lived challenges in the transitional process, but these have been far outweighed by the benefits now that the systems are in place.

At Thomas Electrical, the main theme is that technology has made it easier for them to serve and communicate with their clients and run their contracts successfully. Read about the tech improvements Thomas Electrical has made to demonstrate how small to medium business owners who use technology have an edge.


Google calendar

With the use of one Google calendar which consolidates all appointments and entries from everyone in the office and in the field, Shaun Thomas and his administrators and team can review and manage the day to day appointments and endeavours from one space.

Job card system on ServCraft

All job cards are hosted on ServCraft our customisable Job Card process to manage inbound and outbound services, repairs and maintenance which are safety stored in the cloud.

Benefits:Small to Medium Business Owners who use Technology have an edge

  • The team can be fed additional relevant information onto the job card from the office before arrival on site.
  • More transparent and quicker to track down work completed at a client through a search facilitation online, rather than looking for paper worksheets
  • The office can track when a job is completed immediately, making the turnaround time a lot faster
  • This improves the communication with the client as they receive an email with the completed job card once the job is signed by them.

Tracking of vehicles

All the Thomas Electrical vehicles are fitted with trackers. The office can locate their vehicles and inform their clients of estimated arrival times or if there are any expected delays.  The internal control of all vehicles is enhanced through an email alert or visibility on google maps if a vehicle enters an area which is not on their given route for the day.

Maintenance teams have tablets with internet

Being permanently online, helps with navigation on google maps, having access to emails on the move and affords them access to the online ServCraft job cards.


Accounting in SAGE ONE-Cloud based

  • This easy cloud-based accounting system supports James Bain, the Financial Manager in his need for an efficient remote management of the invoicing and care of the financial side of the business.
  • Sage One syncs with Servcraft (especially client static data) and is an efficient system allowing for add ons and API’s that can be used in the furthering of the tech-based management.
  • The major benefit that Thomas Electrical has identified with the Sage One invoicing system is that clients can view their account online with a simple hyperlink. Thomas Electrical is currently encouraging their clients to use this system more, which is a fast and secure way to view all their details at the click of a button rather than calling the office for information.
  • They are faced with a challenge currently that clients have to call the office for information on their account status and it would be which I would like the clients to use more is the hyperlink which shows them everything on their accounts-customer zone. If they used it should show them everything and query less with office.


Thomas electrical  now accepts card payments with their  YOCO card machine as well via  SnapScan  barcode payments which appear on the invoice

Small to Medium Business Owners who use Technology have an edgeCustomer Service & Communications

Telephone system

  • The Thomas Electrical team uses a cloud PBX system which means all calls are hosted in the cloud and are recorded.
  • Costs of calls have decreased and more flexible options on how we manage the telephonesystem have been implemented.

 WhatsApp business

  • Thomas Electrical has cleverly employed WhatsApp on their main land line 021 7901347, although this has presented some challenges with the monitoring thereof.
  • In the future, they see huge scope to push all their communications via WhatsApp rather than by email to avoid the spam blocks.

Supporting a seamless client interaction and satisfaction is really the focus of employing a more tech orientated stance to running their business. Thomas Electrical, is aiming at continuing to demonstrate how small to medium business owners who use technology have an edge.


Why you should only use a Qualified Accredited Electrician in your home

Why you should only use a Qualified Accredited Electrician in your home

Why you should only use a Qualified Accredited Electrician in your home

Let’s immediately get the unpleasant facts out of the way…

Electricity is potentially dangerous, which is why you should only use a qualified accredited electrician in your home or business. Do you want the risk of either electric shock, or fire caused by electrical faults?

Choosing a certified, insured and licensed electrician for your electrical work is essential to ensuring the successful resolution of your electrical issues, and the safety of your home or business. Thomas Electrical only employs highly experienced electrical operators (Elconops) working under an official licensed and certified lead electrician. Thomas electrical is insured and accredited making the choice rather easy for the home and business owner.

How do you tell if an electrician is licensed and certified?

Why you should only use a Qualified Accredited Electrician in your homeReputable electrical contractors will fulfill the minimum training and experience required for licensing. These electricians will undertake ongoing training to further refine and hone their extra skills. So, verify the license and certificates of your contractor.

Thomas Electrical are registered with the ECB (Electrical Contractors Board),  which is compulsory if you are involved in the building industry. They are also a member of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) who keep contractors up to date and offer a workmanship guarantee. Added to the above, Thomas Electrical is a member of the Bargaining Council who look after all the employee’s compensation, remuneration and provident funds.

Liability Insurance

Thomas Electrical understands that in the building contractor’s industry, the contractor is bound to be confronted with claims due to damages during the construction or installation phase. As part of the reason why you should only use a qualified accredited electrician in your home or business is that a good reliable contractor will have liability insurance. Thomas Electrical has liability insurance which protects your home or business against injury and/or property damage.

Valid Electrical Certificates of Compliance

Without a valid COC, should an injury or incident occur, the homeowner could be held liable and the insurance on the house could be declared invalid. A valid electrical certificate is a legal requirement. The owner of an “electrical installation” should always be in possession of a valid electrical certificate. Can your electrician supply you with a valid certificate of compliance? This is why you should only use a qualified accredited electrician in your home.

Shaun Thomas of Thomas Electrical, carries an Installation Electrician 3 phase Wireman’s License. This license is a requirement for the signing off on any electrical work, if it is to be compliant for insurance purposes and peace of mind.

Only a Qualified Electrician with a Wireman’s License, accredited by the Department of Labour and who is registered with the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (E.C.B) can issue an electrical COC.

Visit our website to find out more about Thomas Electrical & Thomas Compliant’s reliable service and long-standing history providing electrical services and maintenance in Hout Bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay, Clifton, CBD, Constantia and surrounds in Cape Town.

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